Tonight (Friday, April 3): Monika Bravo in conversation with Carla Stellweg at Y Gallery

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Tonight at 7 pm, Y Gallery New York will host a conversation between artist Monika Bravo and Carla Stellweg (who also presented a VCS-sponsored talk with artist-curator Pablo León de la Barra last September). Tonight’s talk is the closing event for artist Bravo’s solo exhibition Landscape of Belief.

The following information about Stellweg, Bravo, and Landscape of Belief is quoted from Y Gallery’s press announcement for tonight’s event; for additional information, see the Facebook pages for the exhibition and tonight’s closing event.


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MONIKA BRAVO in conversation with CARLA STELLWEG

Closing event for the exhibition LANDSCAPE OF BELIEF by Monika Bravo.

FRIDAY, April 3rd, 7 pm 

Carla Stellweg is a Latin-Americanist who has worked as a museum and non-profit director, writer and editor, curator and professor. Ms. Stellweg is considered a pioneer promoter and facilitator in the Latin American international contemporary art field. She was and continues to be instrumental in introducing many young and mid-career artists from Latin America, Latino-U.S., Cuba and the Caribbean producing conceptual, socially-engaged art in both new and traditional media, either working in NY or from around the world. She was the founder and editor of the first bilingual quarterly avant-garde Contemporary Art Journal in Mexico, Artes Visuales. Ever since her move to New York in 1982, Stellweg established herself as a prime point of contact for all related to Latin American art. She is currently a professor in the Department of Visual Critical Studies and Art History at the School of Visual Arts, NY and she also acts as occasional visiting professor for the Estudios de Posgrado of the UNAM (Nat’l Autonomous University Mexico City – Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas & Facultad de Filosofía y Letras) as well as a lecturer at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.

Monika Bravo is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Bogotá, Colombia.  In 1994, she relocated to New York to pursue a career in the Arts. Invited to participate in the 56th Venice Biennale, she will be representing the Vatican City-State, at the Pavilion of the Holy See. In 2015, she will be showing “URUMU” at the Centro Conde Duque in Madrid, Spain. Her work has been shown at Sternesen Museum, Oslo; Museo de Arte, Banco de la Republica, Bogota, Colombia; Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul; Seoul International Biennial of New Media Art; SITE Santa Fe; Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Caja CAB de Burgos, Spain; El Museo del Barrio and New Museum in New York. Her videos have been screened at the MOMA, Anthology Film Archives, Brooklyn Museum, New Museum, the Kitchen, Museo di Arte Contemporaneo di Roma, the New York Video Festival at the Lincoln Center and the Americas Society, LA MOCA, Tate Britain, and Museo Reina Sofia.

March 6th – April 4th 2015
Opening Reception: FRIDAY, March 6th from 6pm to 9pm

We are pleased to present Landscape of Belief, the first solo exhibition of Monika Bravo at Y Gallery. Landscape of Belief is a series of five installation works that call into question how we construct our lives according to our belief systems. The viewer experiences each sculpture as animations composed of text projected and floating diaphanously in glass panels. These texts that generate skylines of real and imaginary landscapes were culled from descriptions of illusory cities and from conversations between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. In Landscape of Belief, Bravo creates a parallel between literature and architecture, as they both define, translate, and shape physical and mind structures.

By carefully overlapping surfaces, a rich non-material space of emptiness is achieved throughout the time-based composition.  As a whole, the installation presents nothingness as an object, thus allowing for the space of the metaphysical to challenge the viewer. As the viewers are immersed in the projection, they are given the opportunity to experience the prospect of awareness, of the power of their belief systems and how they define the landscape of their lives. The installation took three years to make and addresses two important issues in the trajectory of Bravo’s work, such as the shifting definition of the medium and the physical manifestation of the piece. Bravo employs a variety of mediums such as archival pigment on cotton rag and film, glass, and aluminum. The process began with finding the images in Google and then recomposing each city’s skyline by meticulously outlining and tracing their architectural components with Calvino’s text. No documentation will ever be able to transmit the feeling of the texts floating on the surface of the materials, or the possibility of viewing the sculpture from both sides. What is imperative for Landscape of Belief is the necessity for it to be experienced.

Y Gallery
165 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002 / 415 636 0760


This Monday, April 6th at 6:30 pm: VCS presents “Sadequain: A Talk by Saiyid Ali Naqvi”

On Monday the 6th, the Visual & Critical Studies Department will present our final entry in the Spring 2015 Art in the First Person lecture series:

Sadequain poster

Sadequain is considered one of the most original, controversial and prolific artists of his time. His remarkable career spanned three decades and witnessed a feverish flurry of creativity which resulted in several thousands of paintings, etchings, drawings, calligraphy and giant mural which adorn institutions in South Asia and in the West. As an introduction to Sadequain – the Pakistani artist and poet (1930-1987) who’s art works span three decades of pen ink drawings, oil paintings, large scale murals and calligraphy – the lecture will briefly locate the artist within his political, social and emotional context and how these contributed and shaped his creativity.

Saiyid Ali Naqvi is the author of Indus Waters and Social Change. And is currently working on his second book ‘Sadequain Painter and Poet’ and his book of verse ‘Mashke Sukhan’ (The Practice of Poetry) He grew up with his cousin Sadequain in Amroha where they spent their childhood together in the same compound of homes in their mohalla in Amroha. From early adulthood they shared each other’s thoughts and passions. These are beautifully reflected in Sadequain’s mural, The Saga of Labour, which adorns the wall of the machine room of Mangla Dam Power Station. The author takes great pride in having persuaded both the artist and the engineers to create a mural that celebrates human endeavour for development and nature’s beauty.

“Sadequain: A Talk by Saiyid Ali Naqvi” will take place this Monday, April 6th at 6:30 pm in room 101C at 133-141 West 21st Street in New York City. The talk is free and open to the public.

Maggie Dunlap in “Helloworld” at Gallery Sensei


VCS first-year student Maggie Dunlap currently has work in the group exhibition “Helloworld” at Gallery Sensei, organized by White Rabbit. The show opened on Friday and is up through April 2nd, with a closing party set to take place that evening. Here’s more information about the show from Facebook:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.06.55 PM

The Helloworld Facebook page also includes a list of the artists in the show, photos from Friday’s opening reception, and more.

To see some of Maggie’s work, visit her website.

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Cara Starke and Leo Treitler’s lectures now available on YouTube and iTunes U


VCS Department Chair Tom Huhn introduces Leo Treitler on February 23, 2015
VCS Department Chair Tom Huhn welcomes Leo Treitler to SVA on February 23, 2015

Videos of the recent VCS-sponsored lectures by Cara Starke and Leo Treitler are now available on SVA’s iTunes U and YouTube pages. Each video presents the entire talk, including slide images and the subsequent question-and-answer session. Here are the links to the videos, followed by a few screencaps.

Cara Starke on Creative Time (March 16, 2015)

Leo Treitler: Our Mimetic Heritage from Plato to Louis Vuitton (February 23, 2015)

Visual & Critical Studies lectures and panel discussions on iTunes U

Cara Starke
Cara Starke during her lecture on Creative Time on March 16, 2015


A slide from Cara Starke’s lecture: the New York City subway in the 1970s


Jenny Holzer
An image from FOR NEW YORK CITY, a Creative Time project by Jenny Holzer from 2004


Nick Cave
An image from HEARD•NY, a 2013 project by Nick Cave staged in Grand Central Station, presented by Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit


Leo Treitler
Leo Treitler during the Q&A session following his talk


A slide from Leo Treitler’s lecture

Julia Santoli and Benjamin Lee Sperry in “Drrrt” at the SVA Flatiron Gallery

Work by Juila Santoli (via the SVA events calendar)
Work by Juila Santoli (via the SVA events calendar)

Recent works by VCS students Julia Santoli and Benjamin Lee Sperry are now on display in the SVA juried exhibition “Drrrt” at the Flatiron Gallery on West 21st Street. The show will be up through April 11th, with a reception this Tuesday, March 24th from 6 to 8 pm. The following excerpts from SVA’s event calendar discuss the show and provide a brief introduction to Benjamin and Julia’s work. The listing also includes a slideshow of works and additional information about the artists who are participating; you can find it here.

School of Visual Arts presents “Drrrt” (pronounced “dirt”), an exhibition of works by SVA students selected by a jury of their peers to exhibit at the College. Organized by SVA Galleries, “Drrrt” is on view Saturday, March 21, through Saturday, April 11, at the SVA Flatiron Gallery, 133/141 West 21st Street, New York City.

Participating artists include Yuxi Cao, Claire Haik, Yong HurYounghoo LeeJulia Santoli and Benjamin Lee Sperry.

Drawing on artifacts from her family’s history, BFA Visual & Critical Studies student Julia Santoli explores how traces of the past manifest in the present through performance, printed works and sound.

BFA Visual & Critical Studies student Benjamin Lee Sperry’s large-scale digital photographs on clayboard experiment with representations of landscape and the manipulation of images through direct intervention by the artist’s hand.

Juried exhibitions are a way for SVA’s student body to recognize the achievements of their most distinguished classmates. Artists are selected from a large pool of applicants through a rigorous examination of presented materials, including documentation of work and artist statements. “Drrrt,” the first of seven juried exhibitions planned for 2015, features works that challenge the concepts of time, space and matter as material constraints. The title references earth as well as a percussive sound: material and immaterial elements of sensed reality. The works on view in this exhibition seek to transcend worldly limitations through the experimental use of sound, video, performance, painting, sculpture and photography.

Work by Benjamin Lee Sperry (via the SVA events calendar)
Work by Benjamin Lee Sperry (via the SVA events calendar)

The SVA Flatiron Gallery is located on the first floor at 133/141 West 21st Street in New York City. The show is free and open to the public, and can be viewed Mondays through Fridays 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am to 6:00pm; the gallery is closed and is closed Sundays and federal holidays. For more information, please contact the gallery at 212-592-2145 or