More animations from VCS Foundation Drawing

A couple more student animations from the spring 2013 Foundation Drawing class have been uploaded to the VCS Vimeo account since the last time I wrote about it, so I thought I’d post them here today, along with a few more from the prior year that haven’t been featured before. (You can find the other animations from last semester at these links: Andrea Garcia; Jennifer Keyes; Taylor Baker; and one more from 2012 by Eli Siegel at the end of this post.)

AA Arriba by Victoria Hristoff


Cassiopeia by Gabriella Moreno
Music: “Cathedral Park” by Wisdom Tooth


The remaining selections are from spring 2012:

Maya Celeste Montoya
Music: “Magic” by Andi Kristins


Isabel Dahl
Music: “Oblivion” by Grimes


Bliss by Connor Calhoun


Oona Tempest
Music: “The Hazards of Love III (Revenge!)” by The Decemberists


I’ll be back in a few days with a post featuring a couple more videos from last semester.

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